The Wilderness has seen recently one of the most significant modifications to OSRS gold throughout the year, and perhaps the most dramatic change in history. The Wilderness is being relaunched, with a fresh look and has changed its focus the status of an all-time PvP zone, to now being an optional PvP, with a brand new system that is based on threats for PvM. Fletcher talked about how the Wilderness became more and more unpopular in the past because of the repercussions of dying in the Wilderness. They tried to revitalize the area by incorporating it in the ongoing Legacy of Zamorak story arc.

They've continued to provide support for the newly created Wilderness zone by offering Flash Events and two new mini-quests. The third is expected to be added in a forthcoming update. As we sat around in the Wilderness discussing these updates, a single player was in the area, hunting blue dragons. Due to recent changes The Wilderness is now a very popular spot for those who want to learn the Slayer ability due to it being one of the most rewarding, and also having the highest enemy density.

Fletcher assured me that we were secure within our midst, however, due to the Wilderness's unique threat system, we might be left for longer. If we didn't, our threat rating would go up, leading to an ambush, where monsters could be able to attack us. While we were tempted to run into the distance, and then lose in a glorious battle, we held back and Fletcher ended the tour.

For me, the changes I've observed in RuneScape within the last year are a testament to how the amount Jagex is willing to put in into maintaining and growing the quality of its players. It's a blast to go back to the start of RuneScape and observe the changes that have occurred throughout the many years. Fresh Start Worlds Fresh Start Worlds offer an attractive way for beginners to try out the game as well as for those who are veterans to begin new (and receive exclusive digital trophies, too!). However, this time-limited mode will be available for just eleven weeks. So if ever thought about entering RuneScape there's never been an ideal time to do so.

RuneScape is launching The Wilderness in a whole different way. Apart from updating the visuals of the area The Wilderness is focused on completely different things currently. Instead of being an all PVP Zone the zone is now PVP-only and features an attack-based PvM system. The fight with Zamorak that was introduced in the last month has made the situation radically altered, and more risky. It is possible to train using Slayer tasks, which is the most effective method to train for Slayer and, consequently earn threat as you go.

When you finish your activities and complete the quest, your Threat Level will continue to go higher and your chance to die in this area grows, however the more your Threat increases, the greater chances you'll receive Slayer streak rewards while you continue taking on new challenges. Before you reach you'll need to take on the brand-new Daughter of Chaos quest. This allows you to play RuneScape first, and go through Moia's past and, in doing it, fight at the front of the war in Moia.

The Wilderness is full of monsters after Zamorak's incursion, and enemies are more formidable. They'll also be able to attack in groups. In addition, you might be surrounded by enemies who appear right over you. Therefore, you may not be able to run AFK within The Wilderness. Another thing to consider is that you'll need to keep an eye to watch out for Wilderness volcanic crater, that is known to often release projectiles that can attract you. If you're not ready to pray for protection against this specific type of harm, you'll be taking quite a serious blow in your physical health.

As this is the newest method of becoming the top Slayer There is a strong emphasis on reward and risk. With the various danger levels and even more risky enemies, it provides players the chance to increase your skill level when you're careful and are prepared. Slayer mobs can be located in greater density in this area. He can also gain Reaper Points in the wild by performing Slayer tasks. Additionally, this is only the first update RuneScape gold for sale. However, this is only the beginning of the Legacy of Zamorak ongoing storyline could alter things further.